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🚚九龍及新界 (主要地區)【星期一及四送貨;截單時間為星期六及三下午4時】

🚚西貢及將軍澳區 (新界偏遠地區)【星期四送貨;截單時間為星期三下午4時】









ORGANIC DECLARATION: All agricultural products produced by HKFYG Organic Farm and sold on this Organic Online Store are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre.

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    The HKFYG Organic Farm

    Established in 2010 in sight of the grooming organic industry in Hong Kong, The HKFYG Organic Farm has served the community for near a decade. By the supply of fresh organic vegetables, educational visits and collaborations with schools and corporations, the Farm has been contributing to the physical and mental health of youths and the public with all its best. Over 40,000 visitors and 200 groups visit the Farm every year to embrace the local environment, learn and experience organic farming and learn to cherish health and our food source.

    By visiting this online shop, not only you can order fresh vegetables and healthy lifestyle products and enjoy home delivery, you may also learn about what we do in organic farming and book a visit to the farm. Keep close to our news as we have special events every season.